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Where We Are


General location

Tenantry is situated a mile west of the picture postcard village of Rockbourne, famous for its roman villa and wonderful freehouse, The Rose and Thistle or as locals refer to it, the RAT!


The Rose and Thistle (RAT)

The Rose and Thistle (RAT)

Tenantry Farms




Approximate Distances:

  • Salisbury – 20 minutes

  • London – 2 hours 20 minutes

  • Birmingham – 3 hours

  • Bristol – 1 and ¾ hours


Highlights of our location.


Classic English villages.

If you find yourself on tarmac, the chances are you will be passing briefly through one of the charming villages in the area. With very little modern development they sport a wide variety of old cottages and farmhouses, each completely unique.

wide open countryside

Many of our runs feature the ancient tracks that criss-cross the area, on the chalk downland these would have been the trading routes between towns and villages. On these elevated sites the views are remarkable, and you are constantly reminded of the depth of history by the sites you see and pass, these will include Iron Age Hill forts, medieval boundary banks, pre historic long barrows and much evidence of Roman occupation.



An area rich in wildlife, fauna and flora.

Away from the open farmland, routes will take you through ancient woodlands and shady trails that meander down into the valleys. Every season of the year brings it’s special features, snowdrops in the spring, followed by bluebells and wild garlic.